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An online payday loan is a very advantageous credit access solution. For what reasons? Convenience and freedom of management.

Those who request one, in fact, must in no way clarify how they use the amount received. In the second instance, speed is to be mentioned. In fact, thanks to the possibility of uploading documents online, times are reduced.

We only remind you that who submits the request receives a reply on the feasibility of the operation in a maximum of 48 hours. In case of a positive outcome, he has the opportunity to sign the contract thanks to the digital signature, which has the same value as the paper one.

Good online payday loans: find out today

Choosing a good online payday loan is easy if you know how to do it, so read more information from oakparkfinancial.com! The first thing to know about it is that from the APR you understand the convenience of a product. This value, in fact, summarizes all the main expenditure items.

Another tip for finding the best product concerns the analysis of the reimbursement conditions, which can be particularly favorable for young people. Given these premises, we can get to the heart of the various solutions.

The first one we consider is the Spin Lender loan. This financial allows you to get up to $ 60,000. To select the payday loan when making an online quote, you must choose the wording ‘Various Projects’ in the appropriate form on the website. By entering the amount you intend to obtain in a few seconds, you are faced with several choices.

Payday loan with Spin Lender: here is an example

Let’s clarify ideas about online payday loans by making an example related to Spin Lender. Imagine asking for $ 10,000 and, as already mentioned, selecting the wording ‘Various Projects’. Among the solutions proposed by the system, we find an 84-month loan, with an installment of $ 147.50.

In this case, the fixed TAN and the APR correspond to 6.29 and 6.47%. The customer can also choose the loan with a duration of 78 months. At this juncture, the installment is equal to $ 156.60, with fixed TAN and APR at 6.30 and 6.49%.

Flexible Lite Lender Company: General Information

Flexible Agos Loan: General Information

We can also include Lite Lender Company products in the list of online payday loan solutions.

In this case, the maximum amount that can be requested is $ 30,000, and, after the regular payment of 3 installments, the flexibility options are triggered. Thanks to them it is possible, upon request, to change the amount of the installment or to move the refund.

Orange Loan: how it works and how much you can ask for

The Across Lender solution allows access to a sum between $ 3,000 and $ 30,000. The repayment, however, can range from 12 to 84 months. There are no preliminary fees or collection fees for the installment.

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Credit rate: would the decline be over? /credit-rate-would-the-decline-be-over/ /credit-rate-would-the-decline-be-over/#respond Sun, 29 Mar 2020 16:46:28 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/credit-rate-would-the-decline-be-over/

Since January 2014 we have witnessed a dramatic fall in borrowing rates. The cause? A downward trend in bond rates which determine the refinancing capacity of banks and therefore the setting of borrowing rates. Consequences? We have lived through the era of credit renegotiations and a rush of candidates to buy real estate. This steady decline for almost three years has boosted real estate purchasing power. For the first time in many months, the trend has been reversed and a slight increase has been noted. Would the rate cut be over?


Many taxpayers have benefited from lower rates

credit loan

In early June rates continued to drop. Over all durations combined, the average rate fell to 2.01% against 2.03% in April. Average rates therefore posted new records despite the 0.1% increase in a French banking network. The general trend has not been altered.

Over 15 years the average rate was 2% and 2.23% over 20 years. Over 25 years, the average rate remains stable at 2.6%. According to estimates, on average 520 euros were saved per year net of tax compared to May 2012 for four million owner borrowers (1.5 million) or loan renegotiators (2.5 million).

The fall in mortgage rates helped French households earn at least 2% more disposable income in 2014. We will surely have a slight rise in rates which will be gradual but the French should continue to go into debt inexpensively throughout this year.


The rate hike?

A rate hike?

Some banks have decided to increase their rates as of June. A famous bank (very fond of humorists) started in May by slightly increasing these rates by 0.10%. Some followed with slightly higher increases of 0.20 and 0.25%. Other rate committees will be held and will surely announce the start of this upward but still reasonable trend.

How do we explain this increase? The reason is simple. Banks set their rate grids based on government bond rates (OAT). While these OATs were low or almost zero for some at the start of 2015, last May, a rebound appeared. Due to tensions over Greece, French rates doubled in a few weeks and have gone from 0.35% at the end of March to 1.35% today.

With these unfavorable conditions for borrowing, banks automatically raise their rates. The rise in key interest rates systematically puts an end to the fall in the borrowing rates granted by banks to individuals. However, it should be noted that the banks do not envisage an unreal rate hike. The scenario retained would be that of a rate stabilization at all banking establishments. Despite a certain increase in OATs, they nevertheless maintain comfortable margins on mortgage loans. They will therefore continue to offer attractive rates to our taxpayers.


Banks collapsed under credit requests

credit requests loans

Every month requests for credits, renegotiations or redemptions explode in banks. Spring is generally the best time of the year for real estate transactions. Add to that attractive loan rates, so demand may continue to grow.

Banks will therefore continue to be overwhelmed with requests and this dynamism creates certain traffic jams in the banks. The response times for housing loans are greatly lengthened and the banks are completely overwhelmed by the pace. It should be emphasized that the responsiveness of a bank is essential. The usual deadline for financing on a promise to sell is 45 days.

Even if it can be extended, it is in the purchaser’s interest to turn to a fast bank so as not to miss the transaction. The slight increase in rates would therefore make it possible to slightly decrease the requests and therefore to reduce the workload of the study and back office teams. A rise in rates to gain speed is the new wish of banks whose loan services are congested.




Despite this slight increase, borrowing rates should stabilize by the end of the year. A meteoric rise in rates is unlikely. Home loans should therefore remain cheap for some time. It is therefore the right time to carry out your real estate project. The alliance of a tax-free property investment or profitability and attractive rates are the result of a successful investment.

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Credit for driving license Opportunities, tips & costs /credit-for-driving-license-opportunities-tips-costs/ /credit-for-driving-license-opportunities-tips-costs/#respond Fri, 14 Feb 2020 22:21:00 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/credit-for-driving-license-opportunities-tips-costs/

How to finance your driver’s license with a loan Driving lessons and exam fees are quite expensive. If parents or grandparents are unable to help, there are various ways to take out a loan for the driver’s license. Who actually writes and advises here? About us On this page Driving license costs Where can I get the loan? Installment Loan Framework Credit Special Loans Criteria for Credit Directly compare loans

Cost of driving license / class B

Cost of driving license / class B

Post costs
Basic fee driving school 200 USD
teaching material 50 USD
Standard driving hours (25 to 30) 825 – 1,000 USD
12 special trips (3 x night, 5 x overland, 4 x motorway) 500 USD
examination fees 200 USD
driving license application 35 USD
Eye test, first aid course, passport photos 40 USD
TOTAL 1,850 – 2,025 USD

The exact costs differ from state to state and from driving school to driving school. An important cost factor is also the number of regular driving hours, which can quickly increase if the driver learns flat.

Where can you get a driver’s license loan?

Where can you get a driver

Many learner drivers have put aside some money for their driver’s license or have received a grant from parents or grandparents. If no financial reserves are available, the search for suitable driver’s license financing can become a challenge. After all, many license applicants still go to school or are in training and do not meet the requirements for an installment loan from the bank. Nevertheless, driver’s license financing by credit is not completely excluded.

Use the free loan comparison to find the cheapest loan for your driver’s license.

Installment loan to finance driver’s license

Installment loan to finance driver

At a branch bank or direct bank, learner drivers can take out an unspecified consumer loan. A small loan with a loan amount of between 1,000 and 5,000 USD is usually sufficient for the driver’s license. The loan will be repaid in monthly installments including interest over a previously agreed term.
Requirements for a loan from the bank If you want to apply for a bank loan for your driver’s license, you have to meet several requirements. Borrowers must be over the age of 18, reside in Germany and have a fixed income. Most banks require permanent employment with a probationary period and a certain minimum income. In order to check the solvency of the applicants, credit institutions also obtain Credit Bureau information.

This is how learner drivers under 18 get a loan

Learner drivers under the age of 18 do not receive a loan from the bank. In this case, the parents must submit the loan application. Schoolchildren, students and trainees over the age of 18 can apply for an installment loan if they use a parent or other solvent relative as a second borrower or as a guarantor. The same prerequisites apply to guarantors as to borrowers: they should be in permanent employment.

Having a second borrower or guarantor not only improves the chances of getting a loan. Young borrowers also benefit from better conditions. Most banks calculate the credit costs based on the default risk. The higher the borrower’s solvency, the cheaper the loan.
Compare loan offers for driving license Before you apply for a loan for the driver’s license, a comprehensive comparison of different loan providers is recommended. The conditions of the individual credit institutions differ greatly from one another. Direct banks generally charge slightly lower interest rates than branch banks. A loan from the house bank, on the other hand, can offer other advantages, such as more flexible repayment methods. An independent loan comparison shows you which loan best suits your situation. To do this, use our credit comparison calculator in the upper section.
… More about credit

Driver’s license financing via credit line


A credit line or call credit is a hybrid form of overdraft facility and installment facility. Similar to an overdraft facility, the bank grants a certain line of credit up to which money can be borrowed, but at significantly lower interest rates. The credit line is also independent of the checking account. You are not tied to your house bank, but can apply for the on-demand credit from a bank of your choice.

A framework loan is particularly suitable for driver’s license financing due to the flexible payment and repayment options. The loan amount can be set individually, for example at 3,000 USD. You do not necessarily have to use the entire amount, but call up what you need. Interest only applies to the amount actually called up. Some banks require monthly minimum installments for repayment. With other banks, you can choose the installment amount or pay back the money in one fell swoop.

There are also certain prerequisites for a credit line: borrowers must be over 18 years old, have their own income and have a sufficient credit rating. Driver license financing by means of a credit line is therefore suitable for older learner drivers with a fixed income.
Agree payment in installments with the driving school

Some driving schools offer the so-called “driver’s license on installments”. As a rule, you first pay the basic fee in one sum. You only pay regular driving hours and special driving hours when you complete them. At the end there is still the examination fee.

The “driver’s license on installments” gives learner drivers the opportunity to save money between driving hours. In addition, the driving schools do not require proof of income or Credit Bureau information. Payment in installments is also suitable for learner drivers who are not yet of legal age. However, if you have to save money for every hour of driving, it may take a long time before you hold the driver’s license in your hand.

Special driver’s license loans

Special driver

Many driving schools now work with credit institutions and offer their driving students special driver’s license loans. The small loans brokered in this way hardly differ from a conventional installment loan. However, processing is usually carried out entirely by the driving school: you hand in your application and all the necessary documents to the driving school and also transfer the credit installments to the driving school, not to the bank. Legal age and sufficient creditworthiness are also required for a special driver’s license loan.

Criteria for a credit for the driver’s license

Criteria for a credit for the driver

When choosing a loan for the driver’s license, you should first consider the loan amount, the term and the amount of the installments. Better set the loan amount a little too high than too low. Otherwise you will end up missing a few hundred USD for your driver’s license.

The rate is reduced for loans with a longer term. However, more interest accrues over the longer term. Calculate the rate so that you have enough money to live in the month and you can also set aside something for unforeseen expenses.

To compare the cost of credit, use the APR. In contrast to the borrowing rate, the annual percentage rate also takes all ancillary credit costs into account.

Loans that offer a flexible and free option for special repayments are advantageous. Once you have more money available, you can pay back a higher sum in one fell swoop. This will shorten the loan term and reduce the total ctotal costs.

ely by

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Self-employed – apply for a loan without credit bureau /self-employed-apply-for-a-loan-without-credit-bureau/ /self-employed-apply-for-a-loan-without-credit-bureau/#respond Tue, 28 Jan 2020 22:10:02 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/self-employed-apply-for-a-loan-without-credit-bureau/

The self-employed often have a particularly hard time in the day-to-day life of banks – unlike employees whose employment is permanent and permanent, the income is generally not secured for the self-employed and can fluctuate greatly due to different order situations or economic downturns. What about a loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed?

In principle, a negative Credit Bureau is not necessarily an obstacle to a loan – it also always depends on the other framework conditions and the collateral that the borrower could provide.

Loan for the self-employed

Loan for the self-employed

In the case of a loan for the self-employed, not only the “private” creditworthiness of the borrower but also his company is assessed. How profitable is the economy? How well or badly can the company assert itself against its direct competitors on the market?

As is known, employees have the option of applying for Credit Bureau-free loans from abroad, such as Switzerland, Austria or Spain, which are offered in Germany through credit brokers. However, these Swiss loans without Credit Bureau are never granted without the creditworthiness being checked in more detail – that is, it is irrelevant what can be found in the Credit Bureau debtor register about the applicant, but the amount of his income is carefully examined.

Negative Credit Bureau entry

Negative Credit Bureau entry

In general, borrowers have the option of providing collateral and thus making up for negative Credit Bureau entries. Also, Credit Bureau entry is not the same as Credit Bureau entry – for example, if it is the xth loan that is being applied for, which can of course also be found in the Credit Bureau information, the applicant is much more likely to be refused than with an overdrawn bank account or not paid cell phone contract.

In principle, the self-employed should first contact the house bank when looking for a loan without Credit Bureau. The advantage here is that you know the borrower or their financial situation exactly, so Credit Bureau information is often no longer obtained.

Otherwise it will be difficult for the self-employed to apply for a loan without Credit Bureau, because the banks must be able to calculate risks, and for this purpose they secure themselves by carefully checking the creditworthiness of the self-employed.

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Bank personal payday loan from $ 5,000 to $ 60,000. /bank-personal-payday-loan-from-5000-to-60000/ /bank-personal-payday-loan-from-5000-to-60000/#respond Fri, 24 Jan 2020 04:41:33 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/bank-personal-payday-loan-from-5000-to-60000/


Among its most demanded products is the personal payday loan. This type of personal credit will allow you to get amounts from $ 5,000 to $ 60,000 at 7.46% APR (6.5% TIN), which you can repay in monthly installments for a period of up to 10 years.

This type of personal payday loan is characterized by the absence of commissions. You will not find commissions of any kind among its clauses : neither study commissions, nor opening commissions, nor commissions for early cancellation, in the event that you opted for a loan amortization before the term established in your contract.

Recruitment of the personal payday loan 

Recruitment of the personal loan "Now You"

If you are interested in contracting this loan with Litebank, it is necessary that you have your payroll domiciled at their bank, or in the event that you are self-employed, you have the domiciliation of your company’s social insurance, in addition to having contracted a life, or have one of your credit cards.

If you meet these conditions, Litebank gives you the possibility to fill out their online application form, which allows you to streamline and advance part of their application process, which you will finally have to manage in one of their offices in person.

Application requirements

Application requirements

Litebank has a series of strict and specific application requirements necessary to approve your loan application. Do not forget that the entity will carry out semi-annual reviews to make sure that your initial conditions have not changed.

Among its requirements are the following conditions that you must meet if you want them to accept your request:

  • Litebank domiciled payroll
  • If you are a self-employed worker, you must have a direct debit from social security and have a life insurance contract with Liberbank.

In the event that you fail to meet these requirements, Litebank will increase the interest rate of your loan. This increase in the interest rate will vary depending on each particular situation, the amount owed and its repayment term.

Litebank Personal payday loan Repayment

Litebank Personal Loan Repayment

Litebank allows you to make the payment of your installments easily with monthly payments for a maximum period of 10 years.

If during the return period you do not meet the payment of any of your installments, the interest rate applied would increase by 1.00%. In the event that you fail to comply with the requirements demanded by Litebank to grant you the loan, the bank will proceed to apply a delay in its interest rates.

Anticipated cancelation

Anticipated cancelation

If over time your financial situation improves and you decide to make an early repayment of your loan, Litebank allows you to cancel your loan without charging you any commission.

In this sense, Litebank proposes three solutions to customers who avail themselves of this type of advance payment:

  • Reduce the periodic fee keeping the same return date
  • Advance the expiration date without changes in the amount of the monthly installment
  • Maintain the agreed due date, generating a grace period, paying only for the interest generated.

Litebank Online Banking App

Litebank Online Banking App

In addition to the traditional means of communication, Litebank offers you the possibility of downloading its App with which you can manage your accounts and carry out regular banking operations such as: checking your account balance, transfers, contracting products, procedures with your credit cards. credit and debit, among many other functions.



The good position of this bank at national and European level makes Litebank a credit institution that transmits an extra security and confidence to its clients.

Among its different financing products we talk about your personal payday loan “Now You”, with which you can finance up to 100% of your purchases or projects, for amounts from $ 5,000 to $ 60,000, to be repaid in monthly installments without commissions with a very low interest rate.

Litebank’s personal payday loan has favorable conditions, although if you are interested in contracting, you must have your payroll domiciled in this bank, or in the event that you are self-employed, have some other type of relationship, such as contracting life insurance or direct debit of your receipts.

Going to Litebank can be somewhat demanding, in the event that your credit history is not favorable, and what you need is an easily granted personal payday loan. Remember that the lack of compliance with their conditions will affect the increase in your monthly installments when applying a new interest rate.

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12,000 USD credit – Manage your budget now! /12000-usd-credit-manage-your-budget-now/ /12000-usd-credit-manage-your-budget-now/#respond Sat, 18 Jan 2020 21:44:19 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/12000-usd-credit-manage-your-budget-now/

The 12,000 USD loan no longer falls into the small loan segment. With this loan amount, many things can be done. A small car, a new bathroom, a new front door. Banks, however, only grant the $ 12,000 credit if the customer’s creditworthiness allows. The loan seeker can hope for many loan offers, either choose his own bank or target one of the many direct banks on the Internet.

The credit comparison and the budget check

The credit comparison and the budget check

If the loan seeker chooses his house bank, he has no comparison options. If, on the other hand, he selects a bank on the Internet, he can compare many loan offers with one another using a loan comparison. The terms of the 12,000 USD loan are generally between 12 and 84 months. The customer only needs to enter the loan amount, the term and the desired rate in the loan comparison and he is shown all the providers.

If he decides on an offer, the loan application can be made directly via the loan comparison. The customer should know that the meaningful interest is not valid for every customer. Since interest is often calculated based on creditworthiness, the customer’s creditworthiness must be impeccable in order to receive a good interest rate. For example, a customer should only opt for a credit-dependent loan if he has a perfect credit rating. The customer will then find out how high the interest rate will be in a personal offer.

But the focus should not only be on the interest rate, but also on the special repayments. If these are not noted in the loan agreement, the bank can calculate a prepayment penalty if the loan is paid early. Therefore, the customer who receives bonuses and special payments from his employer every year and wants to include them in the loan, should make sure that they are included in the loan agreement.

A cheap loan is also characterized by one or two installment breaks. During the term of the loan, there can always be financial bottlenecks that the installment amount could absorb. It is also important to adjust the monthly rate to the income. This can result in a low rate if the loan term is chosen to be long. However, the loan will then become somewhat more expensive overall. If you have a corresponding income and can choose high rates with a short term, you should do that, because then the 12,000 USD loan is paid faster and it is cheaper.

Before applying for a 12,000 USD loan, the loan seeker should check their monthly budget. The questions should be put to the test here: can I afford a loan, does the monthly budget give a credit rate? For this purpose, an income / expenditure plan should be drawn up. All income and expenses should be listed. If the calculation shows a positive balance, the credit outlook is good.

However, the remaining amount should not be fully used. A financial bottleneck can always occur, if the remaining amount is fully used, there is no money for the bottleneck. Under certain circumstances, the result would be a new loan, which would not be approved as easily, since there are legacy issues.

The 12000 loan and credit rating

The 12000 loan and credit rating

In order for the 12,000 USD loan to be approved, the customer must be of legal age and should not have exceeded 70. The place of residence and the current account must be in Germany. Of course, income is the deciding factor for an eligible loan. It must be sufficiently high and above the garnishment exemption limit. A clue: a single has to earn about 1,100 USD net to get a cheap loan.

There are lenders who already grant a loan with an income of 601 USD. How this is going to happen will be a mystery to many. If you assume that rent, utilities and living expenses have to be paid for, there is actually no buffer left for a loan installment. If you have so little money at your disposal, you should consider carefully whether a loan is really necessary.

In addition to the income, the Credit Bureau must be impeccable, it must not contain any negative entries. A permanent position is also important, which must not be limited and does not include a trial period. The loan seeker must provide proof of income using proof of income such as pay slips and bank statements. The lender asks the Credit Bureau. If the Credit Bureau is debited, often no loan is approved.

The only way out is the Credit Bureau-free loan, which is more expensive than a normal installment loan. In addition, strict requirements are set for the loan seeker.

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Financing interest rate – when are the interest rates cheap? | Loans without Credit Bureau /financing-interest-rate-when-are-the-interest-rates-cheap-loans-without-credit-bureau/ /financing-interest-rate-when-are-the-interest-rates-cheap-loans-without-credit-bureau/#respond Wed, 11 Dec 2019 22:23:17 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/financing-interest-rate-when-are-the-interest-rates-cheap-loans-without-credit-bureau/ Financing is always as cheap as the amount of loan interest and ancillary loan costs compared to other offers – actually a very simple thing, there would not be the problem that the financing interest rate is always made dependent on the creditworthiness, i.e. how solvent the customer is , Nor should one assume that financing with 0% interest is inevitably low – the effective interest rate is always relevant, which must include all ancillary loan costs.

Apply for different types of loan

Apply for different types of loan

The poorer the customer’s creditworthiness, the higher the interest that the borrower has to pay to the savings bank or bank. This applies to almost all types of credit, for example, for personal loans or normal installment loans, car loans, real estate loans or entrepreneur loans.

The bank is fundamentally obliged to examine the customer’s financial strength in order to limit the risk of not getting the borrowed money, or only getting part of it back. Hence the higher interest rates with poor creditworthiness: the potential loss is further limited with each month.

Those who are interested in loans without Credit Bureau therefore generally have to accept higher interest rates in comparison. The Credit Bureau-free loans are not granted by German banks, but by banks from abroad, especially from Switzerland, and have been specifically added to the portfolio of Swiss banks for the German market.

Loans without Credit Bureau

Loans without Credit Bureau

For loans without Credit Bureau, the bank requires that the borrower is in a permanent employment relationship, i.e. is neither an entrepreneur, nor a pensioner, nor an apprentice or student. And here, too, a household calculation is carried out to determine whether the borrower can afford the desired funding at all, because bank statements and pay slips must be presented, as for a loan with Credit Bureau.

In general terms, one could say that with long terms, interest rates also decrease, but overall the additional borrowing costs increase due to the additional months or years that the borrower has to repay the loan.

In principle, you can of course influence the amount of the credit rate in a credit conversation – what is important is what you can afford each month. If you choose a lower credit rate, the term of the financing will of course be extended accordingly.

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Special repayment loan: interest premium /special-repayment-loan-interest-premium/ /special-repayment-loan-interest-premium/#respond Thu, 28 Nov 2019 22:33:11 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/special-repayment-loan-interest-premium/

In addition to the loans they offer, more and more banks often offer the so-called special repayment right – of course, only in connection with an interest premium. Only: Is a loan with a special repayment really worth it? Unfortunately, as so often, it depends on the loan.

Early repayment of the loan

Early repayment of the loan

In principle, a special repayment is also possible for a loan without an interest premium in the form of early repayment of the loan. However, this is hardly worth it, because early repayment of a loan causes the bank to incur losses in the form of interest and loan fees, which it adds to the repayment.

At first glance, the loan that was repaid is still cheaper than repaying it by the end of the term, but the surcharges make it more expensive to the extent that the difference between the actual loan amount to be paid and the remaining repayment at a surcharge only increases turns out very small.

This can be dealt with by agreeing on the special repayment right from the start for a loan with special repayment, because then special repayments can be made without a premium. However, the banks can again pay for this risk of loss with the interest premium. Here the premium is not due on the special repayment, but on the actual loan interest.

As a rule, this interest surcharge is 0.1 – 0.2% – this means: Would the effective interest rate for a loan without special repayment, e.g. B. 5.5%, a loan with a special repayment would result in an interest premium of 5.6% or 5.7%. With a loan of 100,000 USD, this amounts to additional annual costs of 100 to 200 USD.

The banks like to refer to the tax deductibility of these additional costs in the form of increased credit costs, but in practice this is pure nonsense, since someone who wants to claim the credit costs against the tax has no interest in paying it off anyway.

Loan with a special repayment

Loan with a special repayment

A loan with a special repayment with an interest premium is generally not worthwhile. A special repayment presupposes that in addition to the normal expenses and the cost of the loan, enough capital can also be saved for a special repayment.

However, this is only the case if the cost of a loan is below average, e.g. B. due to low rates and interest rates, and more than 20 – 40% of household net income (which remains after deducting all monthly costs) are available for savings each month. However, if the cost of credit is so low, there is little motivation to pay it off early due to the lack of necessity.

A loan with a special repayment is worthwhile if the loan costs turn out to be high to high – only then is sufficient capital rarely available each month, which can be saved and used for repayment. The interest surcharge for a loan with a special repayment option makes the loan even more expensive, so that the scope for saving capital is even reduced.

In addition, especially in times when interest rates are low, when the key interest rate is at a very low level, an interest premium makes the loan more expensive than in times when high interest rates have to be paid.

A loan with a special repayment only really makes sense for the borrower in one single case: If a high additional income can be expected during the loan term with which a special repayment can be made. This can be an inheritance to be expected, but also if a (fixed) promotion may be pending or the partner e.g. B. should go back to work after a planned baby break or can be expected with an interest-negative period (interest rate decrease) and thus the loan costs decrease in all cases.

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13,000 USD credit – Take out an installment loan /13000-usd-credit-take-out-an-installment-loan/ /13000-usd-credit-take-out-an-installment-loan/#respond Sat, 23 Nov 2019 21:48:23 +0000 http://www.ristorantitrapani.net/13000-usd-credit-take-out-an-installment-loan/

A 13000 USD loan is an installment loan that is often asked for. With this loan amount, you can finance not only small but also larger consumer goods. The money is usually enough for a kitchen, home furnishings and in many cases also for a new car or at least a used car. Depending on what you want to use the money for, you have to apply for a dedicated or a freely usable installment loan. Examples of a dedicated installment loan are the car loan and the dealer loan, which can be obtained, for example, in a furniture store or in a technology department store.

loan comparison

loan comparison

You can often not get a 13,000 USD loan abroad, because foreign lenders are often only willing to pay significantly lower amounts of credit to German citizens. They do not request Credit Bureau information and therefore cannot assess the individual status of the borrower’s creditworthiness. Only the income serves as an important indicator for the foreign banks.

In contrast, German banks very often grant loans in the five-digit USD range. 13,000 USD is a conceivable sum. However, you should be aware that your income should be significantly above the garnishment exemption limit or that you should alternatively have a guarantor or a co-applicant at your disposal, otherwise you will most likely not get a loan of this amount. It is also imperative that the Credit Bureau information is faultless and has no negative entries. The bank or the Sparkasse will carry out a corresponding check when applying for a 13000 USD loan.

A basic distinction must be made between a freely usable and an expressly earmarked loan. If you want to buy a car, it makes sense to apply for a car loan either at the bank or at the dealership. Almost all car dealerships offer this option today, with the advantage that the loan is not only available at low interest rates and with favorable terms, but that the financing and purchase of the car can be regulated in the same place, which results in short distances, which are also associated with considerable time savings.
But there are also advantages if you opt for a car loan from a bank or savings bank of your choice. Here you can pay for the desired vehicle in cash, with the consequence that the dealer often offers you high discounts on the entire purchase price.

A freely usable 13000 USD loan must be distinguished from a dedicated loan. It can be used for all consumer goods, a vacation or to compensate for debts or to replace other, older loans. There are also a number of other uses. This is up to you and the bank does not care what you use the money for once it has been approved and paid out.

Application, approval, payment and repayment

Application, approval, payment and repayment

You can apply for a $ 13,000 loan from a bank or local savings bank, but also online. The requirements that you have to meet for this are identical in any case. You must also enclose certain documents with the loan application. You can then either submit them to the branch or send them to the lender over the Internet. A review of your documents and your loan application usually does not take long, so that you can expect a binding loan decision within a short time. If this decision is positive, the $ 13,000 loan is usually transferred to the current account of your house bank or to an account of your choice.

The procedure for applying for a loan, credit approval and payment differs only slightly for a dealer loan or a car loan from the procedure for a bank. The money is generally paid out to you in one amount. The repayment usually does not have to start immediately, but only after a few days, weeks or months. Here the bank will work with you to determine exactly when this should be done. The monthly credit installments are always due on the same date within one month and over the entire term of the loan. How long the term is and how high the credit rates are is also an integral part of the loan agreement for a 13000 USD loan. The amount of the rate usually does not change, although the last rate can often differ.

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