Credit rate: would the decline be over?

Since January 2014 we have witnessed a dramatic fall in borrowing rates. The cause? A downward trend in bond rates which determine the refinancing capacity of banks and therefore the setting of borrowing rates. Consequences? We have lived through the era of credit renegotiations and a rush of candidates to ( more… )

Self-employed – apply for a loan without credit bureau

The self-employed often have a particularly hard time in the day-to-day life of banks – unlike employees whose employment is permanent and permanent, the income is generally not secured for the self-employed and can fluctuate greatly due to different order situations or economic downturns. What about a loan without Credit ( more… )

12,000 USD credit – Manage your budget now!

The 12,000 USD loan no longer falls into the small loan segment. With this loan amount, many things can be done. A small car, a new bathroom, a new front door. Banks, however, only grant the $ 12,000 credit if the customer’s creditworthiness allows. The loan seeker can hope for ( more… )

Special repayment loan: interest premium

In addition to the loans they offer, more and more banks often offer the so-called special repayment right – of course, only in connection with an interest premium. Only: Is a loan with a special repayment really worth it? Unfortunately, as so often, it depends on the loan. Early repayment ( more… )